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6 bags sitting on a bench, different colour and with slogans such as sun, sea.

Best sewing machine for making bags

What’s the best sewing machine for making bags? If you’re making bags, you’ll want the right type of sewing machine that will give you a high quality product while making your sewing project enjoyable. The sewing machine you use for making bags really depends on … Read more

brother sewing machine

Brother cs6000i vs cs7000i

What’s the difference between the Brother cs6000i vs cs7000i sewing machine? If you’re shopping around for a sewing machine, you may have come across these two models and are wondering what the difference is. Or maybe you already have a Brother cs6000i and you’re wondering … Read more

brother cs7000i review

Brother cs7000i review

When I was researching and writing about different sewing machines that are great to use when quilting, I came across the Brother cs7000i and noticed that it’s a best seller on websites such as Amazon. It’s a machine that’s suitable for sewing and quilting and … Read more