Janome 2212 Review- Sewing Machine For Beginners

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When you’re a beginner to sewing, buying a sewing machine can seem daunting, and you’re probably worried that you’ll buy something that’s too expensive and difficult to use.

You might even have a child that’s interested in learning to sew using a machine?

It’s important to read reviews and shop around before making your final choice, which is why I’ve reviewed the Janome 2212 for you.


Janome 2212 Review : Sewing Machine For Beginners


janome 2212 review


Janome is a brand you can depend on and trust, and you’ll find that your machine will last you many years without needing any maintenance (my mom still has her machine she purchased back in the 1970s!).

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The Janome 2212 is smaller than other Janome machines, however this doesn’t mean a reduction in quality at all. The 2212 stitches are smooth and precise, and the machine sounds exactly like it’s larger counterparts.

The slightly smaller size of the 2212 means that it’s lighter than other Janome sewing machines. This is great if you need to take your machine with you to sewing classes, or if you don’t have a sewing room or space at home and need to pack it away when it isn’t being used. The Janome 2212 is 1-inch shorter than a standard Janome sewing machine, but its length and depth is the same as other full-sized machines.



When I was researching Janome 2212 reviews, I found that many sewing beginners appreciated that the machine was mechanical rather than computerised.

It operates at up to 860 stitches per minute, although for beginners, the speed wouldn’t be important until you become more experienced.

The machine has a dial pattern that’s easy to turn so you can choose from one of 12 built-in stitches, which includes non-stretch stitches such as the straight stitch, zig zag stitch, darning stitch, knit stitch, blind hem stitch and decorative shell stitch. You can adjust the stitch length from 0 to 4 for these stitches. You can adjust the width and length of the zig zag stitch, but the width is preset for the other non-stretch stitches.

As for stretch stitches, these are the straight stretch, rickrack, decorative, blanket and smocking stitches. The length and width are preset for these stitches, and can’t be adjusted.

The maximum stitch length is 4mm while the maximum stitch width is 5mm.

The thread tension control is manual, compared with automatic for other machines that are more expensive.

If you like quilting, you’ll be able to use the Janome 2212 for some basic quilting projects.

The machine has a drop feed-dog for free motion stitching.


Presser Foot

Included with the machine is a zig zag foot, blind hem foot and sliding buttonhole foot.

Once you become more experienced at sewing, you’ll probably want to purchase extra feet. When you do, make sure that you buy feet especially suited to a 5mm front-load bobbin style machine. The position of the needle means that you can’t use a generic foot or one that’s made for a Janome 7mm top-loading machine. If you buy a generic, straight-stitch foot, the needle will hit metal and it won’t work.


Things To Look Out For

Here’s a link to an excellent Janome 2212 tutorial video to help you out when you’ve first bought your machine, and to see how it operates.

The Janome 2212 has a very basic set up, so there are some options on other machines that aren’t available with this machine, which you need to be aware of. Unlike other machines that have a top-loading bobbin case, the Janome 2212’s bobbin case is front-loading. Unlike Singer machines which have problems with thread tangling, the Janome 2212 doesn’t appear to have the same problem, once you get used to the machine!

To get over the problem with thread jamming, you need to automatically turn the hand wheel to position the needle for the next seam before lifting the presser foot to remove the fabric and pull out the thread tails. Beginners, especially children, may find this challenging to do at first, or might even forget to do it! But once you get used to doing this, you won’t have any problems with thread jamming!

If an automatic needle threader, needle up and down button and adjustable presser foot pressure are important to you, unfortunately these are NOT included with the Janome 2212. But for a sewing beginner or a child wanting to learn to use a sewing machine, this won’t be an issue. For a basic machine at a budget price, you can’t go wrong with a Janome 2212.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Janome 2212 a suitable sewing machine for beginners?

Yes, the Janome 2212 is a basic, entry-level sewing machine that’s perfect for beginners, including older children learning to sew.

Is the Janome 2212 an expensive machine?

This depends on your definition of expensive, but when compared with other sewing machines, the Janome 2212 has an entry-level price.  You can usually buy a Janome 2212 for less than $200. Often you will find great value bundles, which include extra accessories for your machine.

Can I use generic brand accessories with my Janome machine?

You can use standard bobbins (class 15) and standard sewing machine needles. Janome doesn’t recommend you use Singer or Brother branded accessories, so you would be better off sticking to Janome brands.

How long is the warranty for the Janome 2212?

The Janome 2212 has a 25-year warranty.

Can I sew denim using the Janome 2212?

You can, but it’s not the best sewing machine to use when working with denim. Denim is a strong fabric that usually requires a heavy duty sewing machine. If you decide to sew denim using the Janome 2212, be careful that you don’t damage your machine.

Can I use the Janome 2212 for quilting projects?

Yes, you can use the Janome 2212 for quilting projects but you will need to purchase a walking foot.

Does the lightbulb have its own on/off switch?

The lightbulb powers on and off when you switch the machine on or off. It doesn’t have its own power switch.

Does the machine come with a cover to protect it?

No, the machine doesn’t come with a protective cover but you can purchase a soft cover for it.

Does the Janome 2212 have an automatic needle threader?


Can you sew leather using the Janome 2212?

Yes, you can sew thin leather but you will need to use a leather needle.

Does the Janome 2212 have a blanket stitch?

No, it doesn’t. You’ll need a computerized sewing machine for a blanket stitch.


If you’ve been reading Janome 2212 reviews then you’ll know that as an entry-level sewing machine, the Janome 2212 is an excellent choice.

You’ll be rewarded with years of reliable use, and a great introduction to sewing for beginners, especially older children and teenagers wanting to take up the craft of sewing.

Once you’ve had a few years of experience, you will probably want to upgrade your machine to something with more automatic features and components. But your original Janome 2212 machine will still be good to either pass on to another beginner sewing enthusiast or to use as a back-up machine when you need to do a quick and easy sewing job.

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