Juki TL 2010q Review: A quilter’s dream machine

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Before you spend any money, read through our Juki tl 2010q review to help you decide whether it’s the best sewing machine for your needs. Juki is a very well known sewing machine brand that has a reputation for high quality, industrial sewing machines and sergers.

The Juki TL2010q is a top-of-the-range sewing machine with a premium price that’s worth every cent, but you need to make sure you’re happy with its features and understand how it will help you before you decide to buy.

We’ve done extensive research, asking other people and reading past customer reviews of the Juki TL2010q sewing machine before we wrote this review for you.


juki tl 2010q review

Juki TL2010q Reviews

Juki TL2010q


​The Juki TL2010q- What you need to know

​The Juki TL2010q is a long-arm sewing machine that’s also suitable as a quilting machine which makes it versatile for many different types of projects. When you’re spending as much money as you are on a Juki TL2010q, you want it to be used as much as possible.

This sewing machine is not for beginners or those not sure if they’re going to like using a sewing machine. For beginners or for young people first starting with sewing, we recommend reading this post.

A Juki TL2010q sewing machine is perfect for professionals who have a sewing business and need a machine that’s almost as powerful as an industrial machine but has the flexibility of working on different projects.

It’s also the perfect machine for those who create quilts and would otherwise send the quilt off to a quilter to be finished which can cost you up to a couple of hundred dollars. Using the Juki tl 2010q for this purpose and the machine will pay for itself in no time!

Most industrial sewing machines only let you sew basic garments and are used because of their fast speed. With the Juki TL2010q, you get the speed of an industrial sewing machine with the flexibility of a standard sewing machine.

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Juki tl 2010q stitching quality and speed

The Juki tl 2010q can sew up to 1500 stitches per minute making it one of the fastest sewing machines on the market. Why is this great? You’ll be able to work faster and produce more garments if you run a sewing business.

Usually with a fast machine, the machine can end up vibrating and shaking however this isn’t the case with the Juki tl 2010q. It has a sturdy build that isn’t impacted by the fast speed.

You can also slow the machine down to the minimum 200 stitches per minute if you’re working on a complex stitch that requires a slow approach.

The Juki tl 2010q sews like butter! It only has the straight stitch but works so well that it will make sewing and quilt making a breeze! You’ll be able to work quicker and with fewer hassles than if you were using a regular sewing machine.

Juki tl 2010q Review: accessories included with the machine

When you receive your Juki tl 2010q, you’ll be happy to see it comes with the standard accessories that you’ll need to get started. Standard needles, a lint brush, spool cap, 4 bobbins and an oil dispenser are all included as well as 2 screwdrivers.

The Juki comes with a standard foot as well as an even feed foot, half inch quilt foot, walking foot, zipper foot, two darning feet, a piercing foot and blind hem foot.

The machine has an extension table which helps with large quilting projects that require a larger working space and it also comes with a dust cover to protect the Juki when you’re not using it.

Juki extension table

Having an extension table is really important for when you’re working on large garments or projects such as a quilt. They take up a lot of space and you need a table to make it easier for you to work with the fabric. The Juki tl 2010q gives you a larger working area with the extension table. The extension table is twice the size as ones you get with brands such as Singer!

Free-motion quilting

One of the reasons people buy the Juki tl 2010q is that it allows you to easily work on quilting projects. Using the free-motion quilting gives you so much control over the work you do and the large throat makes it easier to work with a bulky quilt.

Speed control

While it’s great to have a super fast sewing machine, this can present problems when you need a slower speed when working with heavier fabrics. Thankfully, the Juki tl 2010q allows for speed control so that you can choose the best speed for the project.

Multiple thread cutting options

You can cut the thread in 3 different ways: using your foot pedal, the button at the front of the machine and a thread cutter behind the needle, depending on what you are working on.

Quiet operation

The Juki tl 2010q has a quiet operation which makes it more enjoyable to quilt and sew than dealing with a loud machine. It has a smooth operation which is important when spending hours working on a project.

Juki tl 2010q review: the cons

We’re sharing some of the negative things we’ve found with the Juki so that you understand some of the issues you may come across.

Low-level LED light

Some people complain about the low level light and require a stronger light. If this is something you usually find an issue with when working with a sewing machine, a great workaround is buying a LED strip light that you can stick on the machine. This brightens up your workspace without having to buy a separate lamp.

Or you could just use a small desk lamp that doesn’t take up too much space.

Needle threader difficulty

The needle threader is a bit trickier to use than on other sewing machines. It doesn’t help that the Juki manual isn’t very great- most people end up looking for youtube videos that show them how to use the needle threader.

It takes a little time to get used to but once you do, it won’t be an issue anymore.

Juki tl 2010q review: the final verdict

If you have experience with quilting then you’ll know how frustrating it can be using a regular sewing machine for your quilting projects. They don’t have a large enough workspace and make it very hard to work with bulky quilts.

Most people end up sending their quilts off to a quilter to get it completed without all the hassle but of course this ends up costing a fair bit of money, especially if you like to make a few quilts.

Yes, the Juki tl 2010q is an expensive machine but it will pay for itself if you are a regular quilt maker or you work on many garments. The investment is worth the money- I haven’t heard anyone regret their purchase of a Juki!

The Juki tl 2010q will make quilting a breeze! You’ll have better quality quilts and garments and find it enjoyable to use the machine.

It’s a high-quality sewing machine that is well-built, sturdy and with a quiet operation. It only has a straight stitch but this is all that you need for the projects you work on. It is a super fast machine that allows you total control over the speed depending on the fabrics you’re working with.

A large but well-worth investment for any enthusiastic quilter!

Juki TL-2010Q 1-Needle, Lockstitch, Portable Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer for Quilting, Tailoring, Apparel and Home Decor



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