Best Sewing Machine For Denim And Jeans

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Are you planning on sewing a pair of jeans, or adding applique to a denim jacket? Working with denim means you need the best sewing machine for denim and jeans so that your sewing projects end up looking great (and your machine is still in good condition!).

The main issues people have with sewing with denim is breaking needles or a sewing machine that makes the whole job a lot harder than it needs to be.

When a machine isn’t strong enough to handle a certain type of fabric like denim, leather or canvas, it can not only ruin your machine but make it harder for you to work with. Sewing machines not built for denim can slide on the table, meaning you need to work harder to keep the machine in place while you’re sewing.

Heavy duty, industrial machines are the best option but there are good priced sewing machines that can also be fine to use when you need a sewing machine for denim. The trick is in choosing a machine with a metal frame and using the right sewing needle for denim.

Here are the best sewing machine for denim and jeans that I’ve researched and reviewed for you. All are suitable providing you use the right sewing needle for denim.

Best sewing machine for denim and jeans


Janome 3160QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

The Janome 3160QDC Computerized Sewing Machine is a popular model among sewing enthusiasts. Here are some of its features and specifications:

  • It has 60 built-in stitches, including decorative stitches, utility stitches, and buttonholes.
  • The machine has a maximum sewing speed of 820 spm.
  • An LCD display screen that shows the selected stitch, stitch length and width, and other important information.
  • The machine has a start/stop button so you can sew without using the foot pedal.
  • It also has a speed control slider that lets you adjust the sewing speed.
  • The automatic needle threader saves you time and frustration.
  • The machine comes with a variety of accessories, including several presser feet, bobbins, and needles.
  • It has a built-in thread cutter, which can be very convenient when you need to cut the thread after sewing.
  • The Janome 3160QDC is a lightweight machine, weighing only 12 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and store.


The machine has a drop-in bobbin system, which is easy to load and helps prevent thread tangling. It has a sewing area of 6.9 x 4.2 inches which is great for working on a pair of jeans when you need more space.

The Janome 3160QDC has a built-in memory function that allows you to save your favorite stitch settings for future use, something you will find useful if you’re running a sewing business where you sew the same types of items regularly.  You won’t need to set up your stitches every time you work on the project.

The machine also has a reverse stitch button, which allows you to reinforce your stitches by sewing backwards. This is important when sewing jeans as the reinforcement helps prevent holes.

The stitch width and length is adjustable, giving you more control over your sewing projects.

The Janome 3160QDC has a built-in needle up/down button, helpful when you need to pivot your fabric while sewing.

The machine comes with a hard cover, which protects it during transportation and storage.

It has a DC motor, which provides consistent sewing power and can handle thicker fabrics. This is really important when working with thicker fabrics such as denim- the motor of your sewing machine is very important. The more powerful the motor, the better the machine will handle thick fabric.



Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

The Janome HD1000 is a heavy-duty sewing machine designed to handle a variety of projects, including projects using denim fabric such as when you’re making a pair of jeans or a denim jacket.

The Janome HD1000 has a cast aluminum body, which makes it very sturdy and durable. This is important for heavy-duty sewing involving denim, because the machine can handle thick fabric and multiple layers.

The machine comes with 14 built-in stitches, including straight stitches, zigzag stitches, and a few decorative stitches. This is a good range of stitches for basic sewing projects. When working with denim, you won’t need a large range of stitches. You can also adjust the stitch length and width on the HD1000, giving you more control over your sewing.

The drop feed feature on the HD1000 allows you to do free-motion sewing, which is great for quilting and other types of decorative stitching. It’s not as important when working with denim.

Much like the Janome 3160QDC,  the reverse stitch button allows you to reinforce stitches by sewing over them in the opposite direction.

Automatic needle threader: The HD1000 has an automatic needle threader, which makes threading the needle much easier.

Adjustable presser foot pressure: You can adjust the pressure of the presser foot on the HD1000, which is useful when working with different types of fabric.

Juki HZL-DX7 Sewing Machine

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother ST150HDH Sewing Machine

SINGER | 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine

What are the best sewing machine brands for denim?

When it comes to sewing denim, you’ll need a heavy-duty sewing machine that can handle thick layers of fabric. Here are some of the best sewing machine brands for denim sewing projects:

Janome: Janome machines are known for their durability and reliability. They have a range of heavy-duty machines that can sew through denim with ease.

Singer: Singer is one of the most well-known sewing machine brands in the world. They have a variety of machines that are suitable for denim sewing projects, including heavy-duty models.

Brother: Brother is another popular brand that offers a range of sewing machines for all types of sewing projects. Their heavy-duty machines can handle denim with ease.

Juki: Juki is a brand that is known for its industrial sewing machines. They offer a range of machines that can sew through thick fabrics like denim.

Bernina: Bernina is a high-end sewing machine brand that offers a range of machines for all types of sewing projects. Their machines are known for their precision and durability, making them a great choice for denim sewing projects.

Ultimately, the best sewing machine brand for denim sewing projects will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Be sure to consider factors like the size of the machine, the number of stitches it offers, and the type of features it has before making a decision.

Do you need a special sewing machine to sew jeans?

If you’re working with lightweight denim, you can use a regular sewing machine with a special sewing needle and the right thread for denim. But if you’re working with thicker denim or you’re layering denim fabric, then it’s better to use an industrial or heavy duty sewing machine that has a more powerful motor and a sturdy build to stop from sliding or overheating.

Do you need a heavy duty sewing machine to hem jeans?

A regular sewing machine can be used for hemming jeans if the denim isn’t too thick. Just remember to use the right sewing needle and thread for denim. Using a heavy duty sewing machine is a better option. A heavy duty machine is more sturdy and the motor is more powerful and better at handling thicker fabrics.

Which stitch is best for denim?

Use a longer stitch when working with denim, ideally between 2.8 and 3.

What tension should a sewing machine be for denim?

The tension should be up to 6 when working with denim.

What do I need to consider when choosing the best sewing machine for denim?

In addition to the brand, there are a few other factors to consider when choosing a sewing machine for denim sewing projects. Here are some features to look for:

Heavy-duty motor: A heavy-duty motor is essential for sewing through thick layers of denim. Look for a machine with a powerful motor that can handle the job.

Adjustable foot pressure: Denim is a thick, heavy fabric that requires a lot of pressure to sew through. Look for a machine with adjustable foot pressure so you can increase the pressure when sewing through denim.

Large throat space: Throat space is the distance between the needle and the machine’s body. A larger throat space will give you more room to work with when sewing through thick layers of denim.

Multiple layers of denim: If you plan to sew through multiple layers of denim, look for a machine that can handle it. Some machines have a maximum number of layers they can sew through, so be sure to check the specifications before buying.

Stitch options: While a straight stitch is the most common stitch used for denim, you may want to consider a machine that offers other stitch options. A zigzag stitch, for example, can be useful for finishing edges or adding decorative touches to your project.

By considering these factors and choosing a sewing machine from a reputable brand, you’ll be well on your way to creating beautiful denim projects that will last for years to come.

What do I need to think about when working on denim sewing projects?

Denim is a tough fabric that can easily break regular needles. Therefore, you will need to use a heavy-duty needle specifically designed for sewing through denim.

Here are some other tips for sewing denim:

Use a heavy-duty thread: Regular thread may break when sewing through thick layers of denim. Be sure to use a heavy-duty thread that can handle the job.

Use the right presser foot: A walking foot or a denim foot can help feed the thick fabric through the machine evenly, making it easier to sew through.

Use the right stitch length: A longer stitch length can help prevent the thread from breaking when sewing through thick layers of denim. Experiment with different stitch lengths to find the one that works best for your project.

Use sharp scissors: Denim is a tough fabric that can dull scissors quickly. Be sure to use sharp scissors when cutting your fabric.

By following these tips and using the right equipment, you can create beautiful denim projects.

One Final Word

Sewing with denim can be done using most sewing machines, so long as you use a strong enough thread and a size 16 sewing needle. If you use a sewing machine that isn’t a heavy duty one, you may need to get an anti-slip pad to put underneath the sewing machine to stop it from moving around and sliding.

Otherwise, if you’re going to be regularly working with denim and especially if you run a sewing business, your best bet is to buy a heavy duty sewing machine that’s made for working with thicker fabrics like denim, leather and canvas. An industrial machine will make your life much easier and help you work more efficiently and create perfect sewing projects with ease.



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