best sewing machine for wigs pink curly wig on a dark mannequin head

Best Sewing Machine For Wigs

If you’re a wig maker, or you’re making a wig as a one-off craft project for a dress up party, then having the best sewing machine for wigs will make your job so much easier. Sewing machines are perfect for sewing the weft onto the … Read more

best fabric for kids clothing

Choosing The Best Fabric For Kids Clothing

There’s nothing more joyful than sewing a dress for your child. Even if it’s a simple and plain dress, the very thought that your child is wearing your own creation is enough to make you feel proud! Are you thinking of buying that beautiful fabric … Read more

my biggest sewing mistake

My Biggest Sewing Mistake

Sewing mistakes are a part of all sewing projects, especially for a beginner like me. Though I’ve heard my friends complaining about mistakes with the pattern or not using the machine properly, I never imagined that I would make a sewing mistake! A mistake that … Read more

how to choose the right sewing thread

How To Choose The Right Sewing Thread

Sewing thread plays a very important role in the success or failure of a sewing project. The quality of the thread, its color and durability, all has an impact on the final product. For a beginner, color might seem like the most important factor. So … Read more